Your iFIT career

Work with Us.

Whether you have incredible coding skills, are passionate about fitness, or create beautiful designs, check out our job board to see if iFIT is the right fit for you.

Amazing Benefits

An important part of any job is the great benefits that come from working there. Discover what iFIT has to offer.

Fitness Equipment

Some positions are eligible to receive a piece of equipment, test some new products before they hit the shelves, and get a free iFIT membership with access to Global Workouts, Studio Classes, and Google Maps™.

Competitive Salary

Aside from our generous vacation policy, another plus side to your great salary is a charming, smaller hometown, where the cost of living is low. We pride ourselves on offering good, solid salaries, and for rewarding talent and hard work.

Play Hard

Available in the office is a fully stocked snack cupboard and a Freestyle Coke® machine. We have an annual barbecue, golf games, a few movie days, and Spikeball® matches. The office also hosts Mario Kart™, Halo™, and ping pong tournaments! Many of us even work out together. We're a tight-knit family that's always on the lookout for talent in potential employees.

Educational Options

At iFIT, we're always striving to better ourselves. We love to send our employees to relevant conferences and encourage them to seek out every opportunity for learning something fascinating and new.

Current Openings

Check out some of the positions we have available, apply, then see if you have that special iFIT factor to land your dream job.


Add your knowledge to our brain trust of marketing experts. From product collateral to trade shows to commercials, use your skills to make iFIT shine.


Design is more than just creating something beautiful. With animations, web pages, packaging, emails, and apps, there's something for every talented graphic designer.


Front-end devs, back-end devs, app developers…we need all of the amazing expertise you have to create stunning, easy-to-use products.

Health and Fitness

Our fitness trainers, dietitians, and nutritionists are at the forefront of iFIT. We use their acumen to help our customers get healthier every day.