Meet Our New iFit Trainers!

Lily Hartman

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The iFit Community is growing, and so is our team of iFit Trainers! From surfers to meditators, our new trainers are here to add an exciting element of wellness to your journey. Learn about our new trainers and their series!

Adam Sinicki

Adam Sinicki will strengthen your body and mind by connecting the two. His workouts will teach you how to build a strong mindset as you work toward your physical goals. He has a fascination for comics, video games, and action movies, which led to his interest in human capabilities. With a background in both psychology and personal training, he has the knowledge to improve your mental and physical health. Check out his Brain Function & Fitness Series on the iFit app!

Emi Erickson 

Emi Erickson is a competitive surfer who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. As your iFit Trainer,  she will take you through exotic landscapes to experience a tranquil state—from walking through forests to meditating. With a down-to-earth attitude, she can help you improve your overall wellness. Check out her Hawaii Walking & Meditation Series with iFit Trainer Jamie Mitchell on the iFit app!

Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell’s meditation and mindfulness practice is what gives him courage when surfing aggressive waves. As one of the best surfers in the world, Mitchell knows how to overcome fear. Follow him along peaceful journeys that will benefit both your body and mind. Check out his Hawaii Walking & Meditation Series with iFit Trainer Emi Erickson on the iFit app!

Dewayne Montgomery

Dewayne Montgomery will help you find a deep connection to fitness with his 3 principles: Love, Respect, and Discipline. In the fitness industry since the age of 18, he discovered that a healthy lifestyle was his way of bettering himself. Through intense HIIT workouts that test your motivation, Montgomery will push you to reach your potential. Check out his Motivational HIIT Series on the iFit app!

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